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Section C-2

Addenda are written or graphic instruments which are issued prior to execution of the Contract, to modify or to interpret the bidding documents. Addenda will become part of the Contract Documents when the Construction Contract is executed.

Each bidder should examine the bidding documents carefully and, no later than seven days prior to the date of receipt of bids, should make written request to the Architect for interpretation or correction of any ambiguity, inconsistency or error therein which the bidder may discover. Any interpretation or correction should be issued as addendum by the Architect at least four working days in advance of the date of receipt of bids.

Items in Addenda should be identified in a numbered sequence with the text arranged in the sequence of the Drawings and the Project Manual, with each drawing item identified by the sheet and detail number of the Drawing, and each item of the Project Manual by section, article and paragraph number.

If the element of time is restrictive, it is acceptable for the Architect to notify all bidders by fax or email, as long as documentation of notice to all bidders is maintained and the notice is confirmed by a written addendum.

Major addenda items affecting the bidding may require consideration of postponement of the bids.

No bidder should rely upon any interpretation or correction given by any other method.

The bid form should provide for bidder acknowledgement of receipt of Addenda, with each Addendum identified by number and date of issue.

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