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Section C-4
Bidders Information Sheet

The Joint Committee recommends that a complete and concise Bidding Information Document be included in the Project Manual.

The Joint Committee recommends that the following information be included within this document:

1. Date and time that the bid is due noting the prevailing time and identifying the official time clock. The committee recommends that the owner confirms the time of receipt of each bid with its respective bidder.

2. Acceptable methods of bid delivery (hard copy, fax, email, dedicated website). The committee recommends against acceptance of bids via email as there is potential for message blocking or server issues that would prevent timely receipt of bids. If owner elects to receive bids via email the committee recommends confirmation of receipt.

3. Location by street address, fax number, email address or dedicated website where the bids will be accepted and the name of the intended recipient of the bid.

4. Notice of intent to open bids privately or publicly. If bids are to be opened in public, specify who may attend and provide the date, time and location.

5. List of documents required for proposal submission including numbers of copies.

6. Notice of requirement for bid security including the amount (expressed in dollars or percentage of bidder's proposal) and the acceptable format (Bid Bond or Certified Check).

7. Date, time and location for the pre-bid conference with stipulation of mandatory attendance if applicable.

8. Notice of governing General Conditions of the Contract (with Special Conditions if applicable) and intended Form of Agreement. A copy of each should be bound within the Project Manual (following acceptable AIA reproduction practices if applicable).

9. Notice of requirement for Performance and Payment Bonds, General Liability Insurance, Builder's Risk Insurance and other insurance.

10. Notice of requirement for permits including the name of the authority having jurisdiction in the location of construction.

11. List of other documents that are available to bidders but are not included in the Project Manual (soil report, existing drawings) and the location where these documents can be obtained or viewed.

12. Notice of goals for MWBE participation.

13. Notice of goals for LEED requirements.

14. Notice of requirement to use a specified list of subcontractors.

15. Notice of any required wage or union stipulations.

Prior to preparing the Bidding Information Document, determination should be made with the Owner whether the bid process will be by invitation or by advertisement.

The bid form should be formatted to follow industry standards which allow adequate space for the bidder to include all necessary information requested including bid prices, alternates, unit prices and acknowledgement of addenda.

The committee recommends that a copy of the Bid Form and all other documents required for the bid submission be bound in the Project Manual.

TAGS: Alternates, Builder's Risk Insurance, General Liability, LEED, MBE, Payment Bonds, Project Manual, Standard, and Unit Prices.

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History of Recommendation:
Revised April, 2009
Revised April, 1987
Revised November, 1985
Revised March, 1975
Revised November, 1971
Revised January, 1967
Approved April, 1963

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