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Temporary Services

Section E-2
Temporary Heat and Its Related Power
(Including Fuel, Labor, Filters, Warranties, Etc.)

Prior to enclosure of the building, buildings or portions thereof, and when weather conditions indicate the necessity for temporary heat, the Contractor shall provide, maintain, operate and pay costs, including fuel for the sufficient number of approved portable heaters so that progress of the work is not impeded.

After the building, buildings or portions thereof are enclosed, and temporary heat is required for construction, temporary heat shall be provided by the HVAC Contractor. Fuel is to be supplied by the Contractor for new/unoccupied buildings; fuel is to be supplied by the Owner for occupied buildings undergoing additions or renovations.

1. In lieu of the permanent heating system, the Heating Contractor may provide, install, and maintain a temporary heating system of a type approved by the Architect, provided it is properly vented.

2. Labor
Labor for the operation and maintenance of temporary heat systems shall be provide by the Mechanical Contractor, except that labor for the operation and/or maintenance of electrical control and power systems shall be borne by the Electrical Contractor.

3. Filters and filter Labor
If permanent system is used for temporary heat, appropriate filters are to be used until Substantial Completion and shall be furnished by the Mechanical Contractor. These shall be replaced (including labor for replacement) by the Mechanical Contractor with new filters of the specified type.

4. Extension of Warranties
The warranty period of individual pieces of equipment used during, and for, the temporary heat period, shall be extended so that the starting date for the warranties shall be the date of Substantial Completion.

5. Cleaning
The General Contractor shall remove from exposed surfaces deposits which are a result of the use of any temporary heating equipment, including from the use of the permanent heating system for temporary heat purposes. He shall not do any finish work until such surfaces are properly cleaned. Prior to final acceptance, all permanent heating equipment used to supply temporary heat shall be completely cleaned and reconditioned by the Heating Contractor.

Any Contractor who fails to carry out his responsibility in supplying temporary heat as set forth in this Contract, shall be held responsible for such failure. The Owner shall have the right to take such action as he deems proper for the protection and conduct of the work, and shall deduct the cost involved from the amount due the Contractor at fault.

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History of Recommendation:
Reviewed March, 2010
Revised April, 1987

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