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Temporary Services

Section E-4
Temporary Water Supply

The Plumbing Contractor shall construct the permanent water supply line to an appropriate location as required and shall maintain this line, protecting it from damage.

The determination of available water service is the responsibility of the Owner. The Owner shall advise the Contractors of the water supply availability in advance of the bids.

The Plumbing Contractor shall provide, protect, and maintain an adequate water supply for the use of Contractors on the project during the period of construction, either by means of the permanent water supply line or by the installation of a temporary water supply line. This water supply line shall be made available within fifteen (15) days after written request has been made to the Plumbing Contractor by any Contractor requiring this service, with copies to interested parties.

If the water is currently metered, the Owner will bear the charges. If the water is not currently metered, the General Contractor will bear the charges. Service connection fees and usage fees should be the responsibility of the Owner.

When temporary water lines are no longer required, they shall be removed by the Contractor responsible for their installation and any part, or parts, of the grounds or buildings disturbed or damaged shall be restored to their original condition.

Any Contractor who fails to carry out his responsibility in supplying temporary water as set forth in this contract, shall be held responsible for such failure. The Owner shall have the right to take such as action as he deems proper for the protection and conduct of the work, and shall deduct the cost involved from the amount due the Contractor at fault.

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Reviewed March, 2010
Revised April, 1987

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