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Temporary Services

Section E-1
Temporary Services - General

Provisions for anticipated Temporary Services should be incorporated in the General Requirements of the specifications, but not in each product specification section. The responsibilities of each of the mechanical and electrical Contractors (or subcontractors) should be specifically defined where there are separate mechanical and electrical contractors, but not where work is under a single Prime Contractor.

When appropriate, the following Temporary Services should be addressed:

  1. Heat - as recommended in Section E-2
  2. Light & Power - as recommended in Section E-3
  3. Water supply - as recommended in Section E-4
  4. Barricades, Fending, Sidewalk protection
  5. Stairs, Netting and Planking for multi-story buildings
  6. Offices for field Superintendent/Inspector/etc.
  7. Sheds for Carpenters/Brick Layers/Laborers/Storage/etc.
  8. Toilets/Sewage
  9. Enclosures
  10. Telephone
  11. Roads
  12. Hoisting/Crane
  13. Scaffolding
  14. Winter protection (when applicable)
  15. Travel/Room and Board
  16. Fire Suppression equipment
  17. Fire Watches
  18. Signage
  19. Daily clean-up/Final clean-up
  20. Traffic Control
  21. Pedestrian protection/Walkways/Egress

This list should be considered an overview. There may be other temporary Services that should be addressed for a particular project, and should be incorporated into that project.

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History of Recommendation:
Reviewed March, 2010
Revised April, 1988
Revised April, 1987
Revised November, 1977
Revised November, 1971

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